Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taylor swifting with South Park

I said that before and I will say that again - South Park is no longer as hilarious as it used to be, and the amount of toilet humor they dump into every episode is not helping (though judging from the high rating on imdb, American teens are totally loving it). I also dislike how South Park has gotten so topical - poking fun at a very particular (usually very particularly American) thing, and abstaining from throwing some extra off-topic jokes along the way. But, regardless, one of South Park's more recent episode hit the spot. Such popular recreational activities as "planking" and "owling" are so shockingly dumb, that it makes them way too easy targets for a satire.  Therefore Cartman & Co add to the mix such novelties as "Faith Hilling" and "Taylor Swifting." Not a brilliant episode, but certainly amusing.   

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